Damini Manicure Table


The New Damini Manicure Table is equipped with a Nail Dust Collection System with superior suction capability, ensuring that harmful particles produced during manicure and pedicure processes are efficiently captured. This not only secures a safer environment for both your clients and staff but also significantly reduces the need for extensive cleaning, allowing your beauty professionals to concentrate on delivering exceptional services. Future-proof design * Detachable LED lamp, Acetone-Resistant Paint * Ample Storage Space are some of its important features. Invite this revolutionary equipment into your salon, and you’ll not only be investing in a cleaner space but in an asset that speaks volumes about your commitment to quality, health, and style. Choose our Nail Dust Collection System – because your salon deserves the best!

  • Innovative and contemporary design tailored for Nail Studios
  • Manicure Table designed with integrated Nail Dust Extraction System
  • Washable nail dust filter with removable grill for easy cleaning
  • Detachable LED lamp ensures optimal illumination for nail artists
  • Power socket with USB port to connect external UV/LED lamp
  • Multiple drawers for nail paints and accessories
  • Acetone-resistant white coating for durability and easy maintenance

Height: 80.5 cm ( 31.6” )
Length: 152.5 cm ( 60” )
Width: 50 cm ( 19.6” )
Lifting Capacity:
Load Capacity:

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