Mridul Derma Chair


Mridul Derma Chair by Esthetica – a state-of-the-art professional dermatology chair designed to elevate your practice to new heights. With its advanced features and precision engineering, this chair ensures optimal comfort for both practitioners and patients. Featuring four powerful motors, the Mridul Derma Chair boasts electronic height adjustment, backrest, leg rest, and tilt functions, providing unparalleled flexibility during dermatological procedures. The electronic tilt feature proves especially invaluable for extended treatments, allowing patients to recline comfortably without exerting pressure on their backs. Designed for versatility, this dermatology chair comes equipped with a detachable headrest, legrest, armrests, and headrest, offering customizable configurations to suit your specific needs. The handheld remote control empowers practitioners with independent control over height, back, leg, and tilt positions, ensuring seamless adjustments tailored to each patient.

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  • L 188 x W 63 x H 158 cm

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