Thai Massage Bed

Thai Massage Bed


Thai Massage Bed is low height massage bed specially designed for Thai style of deep tissue massage & body stretching exercises. Crafted from solid beech or teak wood, it is reinforced at the bottom with wooden grid structure to withstand heavy weight of two people and make it load bearing heavy duty massage bed. We use special harder compression mattress best suited for Thai Massage. The mattress is flushed inside the wooden structure so that it does skid during massage. Elegant straight-line design with 6” border on all the four sides of the massage bed. We use engineered birch plywood underneath the mattress for its strength and waterproof properties. The mattress is easy to remove and can be folded from the center for easily carrying it and using it for Yoga Asana or floor massages. We use Italian PU or Aqua Base Coatings and offer a lot of wood stain options to choose from. The leatherette is fire retardant grade with standard black or brown color for this bed.

  • L 218 x W 213 x H 20 cm

The wood color can be customised to Dark Walnut, Teak Yellow, Wenge, Natural Beech Wood color. Further on special request, we can supply 6″ thick mattress in place of 4″ mattress.

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