Anagh Pedicure Spa Chair


Anagh Pedicure Chair is an exquisitely designed luxury pedicure spa chair, meticulously crafted from natural wood. This pipeless pedicure station promotes spa hygiene by creating whirlpool jets in the water without the use of internal pipes. To elevate the foot spa experience and provide the perfect wellness experience, it comes with built-in chromotherapy, an electronically controlled backrest and seat adjustment, a detachable manicure bowl, an iPad holder and a service tray holder. Choose from a variety of wood finishes and upholstery colours to integrate this luxury pedicure station into your salon or spa’s aesthetic.


  • A luxurious professional pedicure spa chair
  • The pipeless jacuzzi function ensures superior spa hygiene.
  • Foldable side armrests facilitate simultaneous manicures.
  • Sliding side arms ease guests’ entry and exit from the chair.
  • Chromotherapy functions enhance relaxation during pedicures.
  • Electronic backrest and seat adjustments for personalized comfort.
  • Easy-to-clean jacuzzi motor ensures maintenance convenience.

Length: 114.5 cm ( 56.8” ) in Ideal sitting position
Length: 178 cm ( 70” ) in the fully reclined position
Height: 123.5 cm ( 48.6” )
Width: 117.5 cm ( 46.2” )

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