UV-C Disinfection Tower

UV-C Disinfection Tower


Esthetica UV-C Disinfection Towers help you fight germs with the power of UVC Germicidal Lamps. UVC light is fast, effective & proven disinfection tool against harmful bacteria and viruses. UV-C Disinfection Towers is easy to use, when you know the protocols of its usage. It is fast, cost effective and eco-friendly. No chemicals are added to the air, water or surfaces during UV-C disinfection process. Since they do not leave any kind of residues, there is no need to remove or neutralize any harmful agent after the disinfection process. You can use them as your multipronged disinfection strategy to sanitize your spa & salon, along with daily cleaning using conventional tools and methods.

WARNING – Ultraviolet rays emitting from a UV-C Lamp are harmful to the skin & eyes. Direct exposure to the rays should always be avoided

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  • Base 11” x 11” Height 43”
Dimension for UV-C Disinfection Tower

55W or 95W available in Tower Models

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