Can I Use A Pedicure Chair Without Plumbing?

No plumbing pedicure chairs are quite popular among spa owners because they don’t require any permanent external pipes for filling or draining the basin. They work totally on a manual process, meaning the operator requires to add or drain the water as required on a manual basis.

So yes, if you aren’t looking forward to investing a fortune in making changes to the existing plumbing at your spa, then pedicure chairs without plumbing can prove a highly beneficial investment. Besides, investment in no plumbing pedicure chair comes with its fair share of benefits for you, such as:

1- Lower initial cost

When it comes to normal salon pedicure chairs, the owner is required to spend a fair amount on pipes and drains that need to be laid and connected to the chairs.

These pipes come with an astronomical price tag. Besides, you also require spending on other materials and labor expenses to get the pipes fixed properly.

But, with plumbing-free pedicure chairs, you don’t have to think about the extra process of pipe installation and whatnot.

2- Portable

Since pedicure chair without plumbing has no permanent pipes connected, meaning they can be moved around easily.

Some models tend to be very light and compact, meaning you may not even require extra people to move around the chair. You can change the placement whenever you like, especially if you love updating the space and changing its appearance every now and then.

3- Fast and easy to set up and use

The notion behind designing no plumbing chair was to offer the spa owners a product that was hassle-free in all aspects.

Similar to how it doesn’t need external plumbing procedure, no plumbing pedicure chair requires no special tools or expertise for setting up, either.

4- No need to worry about building codes when setting up

When it comes to plumbing, many areas have strict rules concerning plumbing that home and shop owners require to abide by. If these rules are overlooked or broken, the person in question is required to pay off heavy penalties.

By buying no plumbing pedicure chairs, you save yourself from going through the process of plumbing, meaning no need to check for compliance of your new pedicure chair with the building code of your area.

Signing off

Well, there you have it. These are a handful of reasons that suggests why it is totally practical to use a pedicure chair without plumbing.



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