Essential Furniture to Buy for Your New Salon

Essential Furniture for salon

The Indian salon industry, projected to experience substantial growth over the next five years, presents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs and existing businesses alike. Factors fueling this growth include an expanding middle class, increasing awareness among consumers about personal grooming, and the pervasive influence of e-commerce and social media platforms. For businesses eyeing this burgeoning market, it’s crucial to grasp the unique preferences of Indian consumers, who value quality service and a personalized salon experience. Additionally, staying abreast of the latest regulations and building a distinctive brand are essential steps for success. Equally important is sourcing high-quality furniture that not only meets the functional needs of a salon but also reflects the cultural aesthetics preferred by Indian consumers. Venturing into the Indian salon industry therefore requires a well-rounded strategy, combining an understanding of market dynamics with attention to the minutest details of the salon infrastructure.

Reception Desks

First impressions are vital, and your reception desk is often the first point of contact between your salon and prospective clients. It should be welcoming yet functional, with ample space for scheduling appointments, handling transactions, and storing necessary paperwork.

Retail Display Shelving

Retail display shelving not only helps you showcase your haircare, skincare, and beauty products but also helps you boost retail sales of these products. Choose elegant design shelving with attractive lights to draw customers’ attention to your brands and make people buy some products after their haircut or beauty services.


Client and Hairdresser Seating Areas

Comfort increases happiness. Provide a stylish yet cozy seating area for clients who are waiting, as well as for hairdressers during their breaks. This can include couches, armchairs, and even a small coffee table to cater to the comfort of everyone in the salon. Such an inviting atmosphere not only makes the waiting time more enjoyable for clients but also offers a much-needed respite for hairdressers to rejuvenate between appointments. These seating areas must be positioned in a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle of the salon’s main activities, ensuring a peaceful oasis within the vibrant salon environment.

Salon Chair

Salon Chairs

One of the central pieces of furniture in any salon, these chairs are where your clients will spend a significant portion of their time. Comfort is paramount, but so is durability and ease of cleaning. Look for adjustable chairs with sturdy, reliable hydraulics, and consider the chair’s upholstery regarding both comfort and style. Remember, your salon chairs are as much a part of the client experience as they are a tool of the trade.

In addition to the basic requirements, the ideal salon chairs should come equipped with features that further enhance the client experience and operational efficiency. A detachable headrest facilitates various hair and beauty treatments by providing flexibility. A swivel lock feature is crucial for safety and precision during hairstyling or cutting. The reclining backrest allows for an array of services, from shampooing to certain types of spa treatments, ensuring the client is comfortably positioned throughout. Lastly, hydraulic height adjustment is a non-negotiable feature, making it easy for stylists to work at their preferred height, reducing the risk of strain or discomfort. Integrating these functionalities into your salon chairs can dramatically elevate the level of professionalism and comfort in your salon.

Shampoo Units

For a nice and comfortable hair wash experience for your clients, choose a shampoo station with an adjustable ceramic basin, good quality sanitary fittings, a soft silicone neck rubber, and a proper drainer to keep the area stink-free and hygienic. Always sit and check if the shampoo station that you are buying is ergonomically designed for neck comfort and ensures water will not trickle down during the hair wash. In-built heating or massage functions with electronic seat and leg rest adjustments are luxury features to consider for your shampoo station.

An upscale hair wash station can elevate the mundane process of hair washing into a soothing experience. Ergonomic basins along with comfortable chairs that allow patrons to recline will be your foundation for a mini-escape within the salon.

Pedicure Stations

Pedicure Station is a crucial component of offering a full-service salon experience. When selecting a pedicure chair, prioritize options that feature a pipeless hydromassage system, chromotherapy lighting to elevate the mood, and electronic adjustments for the seat and backrest. These functionalities not only ensure maximum comfort but also streamline the process for your clients and staff. Additionally, it’s essential to pedicure chairs that are designed for easy access, allowing clients to get on and off without hassle. Ensuring the pedicure station has an efficient draining system is also critical to maintaining hygiene and providing a luxuriously relaxing spa experience. Remember, pedicure services can significantly boost your salon’s revenue, so investing in quality stations will pay dividends in customer satisfaction and financial return.

Nail Art Tables

Nails are in fashion and becoming one of the important sources of income for salons. It’s crucial to invest in a good quality nail art table that features acetone-resistant paint, a designated place to store your UV or LED nail curing lamp, and ample storage space for tools and supplies. New modern and professional manicure tables now offer advanced features like nail dust extraction and integrated LED lamps, contributing to a more professional and efficient setup. These tables not only improve the aesthetics of your salon but also enhance the comfort and experience for both clients and nail technicians.

Facial & Beauty Beds

A good quality facial cum massage bed is these days an integral part of your salon business strategy. Long facials are more comfortable on facial and massage beds than on chairs. Choose a solid wood facial cum massage bed with plenty of closed or open storage space and a backrest incline feature which is handy during massage and facial treatments. It’s crucial to select a reputable brand of massage bed that is manufactured by a professional company, as it is a very essential part of your salon service. This investment not only improves the quality of your services but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing them with the utmost comfort during their treatments.

Hairdressing Trolleys

Hairdressing trolleys are indispensable in keeping the salon organized and ensuring that tools and products are readily accessible during services. You can choose plastic or wooden barber trolleys with easy mobility and plenty of storage compartments to store your cosmetics and accessories.

Efficiency is paramount in any salon operation. Hairdressing trolleys that can house scissors, combs, hairdryers, and other styling tools will keep your hairstylists organized and prepared for each appointment.

Esthetica recommends

When purchasing salon furniture, keep your brand identity in mind. The colors, textures, and styles of furniture should align with your salon’s aesthetic and promise to clients. Investing in the right type of furniture can not only add to a salon’s decor but can also make all the difference in functionality and customer satisfaction. Always keep durability, maintenance, and client comfort as top priorities when selecting pieces.

Remember, the perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality will create an inviting space for both clients and staff. With this essential furniture, you’ll be well on your way to launching a salon that looks as good as the services offered. Welcome your clients into an atmosphere where beauty blooms and business thrives.
One of the most crucial investments for your salon will be in high-quality, comfortable salon chairs. They are the throne for your clients


At Esthetica, we are dedicated to helping you select the perfect pieces of salon furniture for your salon venture. We understand the critical importance of combining aesthetics, comfort, and durability to enhance your salon’s appeal and operational efficiency. Our range is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure lasting use, and we stand by our products with exceptional after-sales support. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, minimalist look or a more classic, luxurious feel, our extensive collection meets diverse styles and interior requirements. By choosing Esthetica, you’re not just investing in furniture; you’re investing in your business’s growth within the thriving salon industry.



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