Features that Elevate the Spa Experience

At Esthetica, we make it our mission to streamline the works to create the right mind and body effects. Our priorities include having the right kind of accessories to help achieve maximum satisfaction. We know that comfort begins with the chair itself, so we have Pedicure Spa Chairs built for the purpose. Check on Anagh, a professionally designed luxurious Pedicure Spa Chair from Esthetica.

What’s on offer?

For anyone walking into a spa, the ambience and the supporting features do matter. So, with a view of this goal, we provide Spa Pedicure Chairs that meet the standards. If you are setting up a spa, you need to prepare yourself for the competition. We are with you in this race with our products that serve as excellent props with our exclusive range of Spa Pedicure Chairs.

Advanced spa mani-pedi treatments work to add additional benefits. And how? Our Anagh Pedicure Spa Chair has ample support for electric backrest recline and electric forward and backward chair movements to adjust according to the guest’s feet position. Our Mani-Pedi Chair’s function is to provide the person receiving a mani-pedi treatment with more comfort. It is an all-in-one tool where the pedicure and manicure can be conducted safely in a hygienic manner.

Our Pedicure Chairs are more than just places of comfort. More benefits come in. if you look at a chair from the eyes of a professional pedicurist, our Pedicure Chairs make the job simpler and efficient in every way.

Features that Elevate the Spa Experience

The specifically designed pedicure chairs have all the essential features like Hot and Cold Mixer, Handheld Shower, Air On/Off Switch, and Air Pressure Regulator. We have used fire retardant grade leatherette and exterior grade water-based coatings to protect the upholstery from water and wet conditions.

The built and the design works to strike the right notes in terms of the appearance, are worthwhile long-term investments, with several updated features to help patrons feel relaxed. Our modern pedicure chairs are easy to clean and can be well-maintained. When you have new and luxurious looking chairs, your client is likely to enjoy the session.

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