The Complete Guide to Choosing a Massage Table

Massage Table

Beyond the therapy skills that you or your staff must have honed over the years, the massage table is the most vital tool in practice. Without having a massage table, it is certainly impossible to deliver the effective treatments that you claim to offer.

However, once you lay your step into the market to buy the massage table, the whole scenario changes. No matter how certain you are in buying the massage table, a plethora of options easily available in the market will make the process daunting.

So, we are here with our compact guide. Follow the tips suggested for buying the right massage table for your institution.

Electric or manual multifunctional table?

The difference in electrical and manual multifunctional tables is the weight and quality.
The multifunctional electrical tables lie on the heavier side, but they do have higher quality standards than the manual ones.

However, which one you choose depends upon your spa/salon’s offerings. For instance, if you run a wellness centre, then go for multifunctional fixed beds that not only have various features but also enhance the minimalist design of your setting.
Just ensure that your massage table has necessary features like:

  • It should be easy to use and clean
  • Be comfortable for customers and experts alike
  • Should be made of quality material for supreme durability
  • Have rich design and function

Choosing the size

The table should definitely fit the available space. But, it is worth considering things like:
Length: Typically, massage tables range from 180cm to 195cm in length. Since length plays a vital role in a client’s comfort, it is best to opt for lengthy tables to avoid problems while treating tall people.

Width: The standard size of a professional massage table is around 75/80 cm wide. The wider the table is, the better the comfort for your client. But again, consider the available space, too. Avoid a wider table if it compromises the space.

Height: Based on the massage you offer and ergonomics, the height of a table can vary. Typically, it is possible to adjust the height manually in both manual and electrical tables; standard sizes lie between 60 and 86 centimetres. Keep in mind; the right height table can prevent the therapist from pain due to incorrect working position.

Choosing the material

The last thing you need to consider is, of course, the material.

Usually, material choice is dictated by the aesthetic or furnishing issue. But certain materials offer an added guarantee, safety, stability and ease of use.
Similarly, padding plays a key role in offering comfort to the client.

Despite what material you choose, ensure it is fireproof, antifungal and antibacterial for hygienic-sanitary needs.

Over to you

Considering these three things when buying the massage table will ensure that you end up making an informed decision.



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