Designing Tranquil Spaces : Creating Spa Areas in Residential Projects

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Crafting Serene Spaces: Esthetica’s Spa Essentials – Redefining Residential Design for Architects and Interior Designers

In recent years, a shift has occurred in the priorities of individuals constructing new homes. While gym and home theatre spaces were once the focal points, a growing emphasis on physical and mental well-being has led to a surge in the inclusion of spa areas in residential projects.

Architects and interior designers venturing into the realm of residential spa design may find themselves pondering over the crucial elements required to craft an exceptional spa environment. To assist in this endeavour, Esthetica presents a carefully curated selection of spa equipment and accessories.

Essential Spa Equipment and Accessories:

1. Massage Bed : The focal point of any spa, our recommended massage beds boast optimal dimensions (Length 78” x Width 31”) to ensure client comfort and relaxation. Crafted with precision, these beds provide a foundation for rejuvenating spa experiences.

2. Spa Trolley : A hallmark of efficiency and organization, spa trolleys play a pivotal role in creating a seamless flow of treatments. With designated compartments for products and tools, these trolleys enhance the overall operational fluidity of your spa area.

3. Towel Warmers : Elevate the sensory journey for your clients by incorporating towel warmers. These devices not only offer the practicality of warm towels but also add a luxurious touch, contributing to the overall indulgent ambience of your spa space.

4. Bolsters: Bolsters under the feet and neck area are designed to enhance comfort and support during spa sessions. These accessories contribute to a relaxed spa treatment.

5. Massage Oil Warmers: Infuse your spa with a comforting atmosphere by incorporating massage oil warmers. Massage Oil Warmer helps in maintaining the ideal massage oil temperature for treatments

6. Service Tray: Streamline your spa operations with a meticulously designed service tray. This accessory facilitates the organized arrangement of tools and products, allowing practitioners to focus on delivering an exceptional spa experience without disruptions.

Choosing the Right Massage Bed: A Decisive Element in Spa Design

When contemplating spa beds, architects and designers must weigh the benefits of stationary versus electric options. While stationary beds offer a traditional foundation, the preference for electric beds is prominent among clients. Opting for electric beds enables practitioners to elevate the spa experience by adjusting bed positions as needed.

In conclusion, architects and designers can transform spaces into havens of tranquillity by incorporating Esthetica’s recommended equipment and accessories. Your spa design can offer clients a holistic and rejuvenating experience within the confines of their homes.



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