Buying The Right Kind of Treatment Table

When it comes to purchasing a treatment table for your spa or salon, picking the best one can be a challenging task. Trying to find the right treatment table that meets your criteria and budget requires a huge amount of research. Investing in wrong kind of spa accessories or spa furniture is not only harmful for your budget but, it even more harmful for spa and salon’s reputation. One wrong impression and your clients are never coming back to your salon. To help you out with making an informed choice, these are the following three main points or elements you should consider while purchasing a treatment table. Read on:


The first and the foremost thing you want to consider is whether you need a treatment table that is fixed at one place or it is a portable one. If your spa sends specialists at different locations, you should think about a portable table. These tables are simpler to move and carry while travelling. For an additional steady and strong table, fixed tables make for a great choice. These tables can’t overlay or be moved effectively like a portable table can. They are a better choice for an all the more high-traffic spas and salons as they are heavier in weight.


Then, while considering a treatment table, size is vital. A table’s length, width, level, and weight matter as it could be too large or little to match your therapist’s specific treatment requirements. You need to find a table that can fit in the room but on the other hand is also comfortably able to accommodate taller people. It is ideal to quantify the room and the space of where the table will be set. It is always a good idea to buy one with a few extra inches to allow the clients to rest freely and properly.


Moreover, sturdiness is a significant component to consider while buying any kind of spa treatment table or a massage table. If you want your table to keep going for many years, you have to think about the materials it is assembled with. A hardwood frame wood will endure longer than a gentler wood. A thick cushioning will also make your table last longer and can offer the needed support and comfort to your clients.

While looking to buy a treatment table or any other spa accessories, you have to consider table’s transportability, strength, and features. Paying consideration to these given aspects will surely help you find a treatment table that will be comfortable for your clients it will also offer the value for money you pay.



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