Mistakes Made by Most Massage Therapists

Many of us have visited massage therapists and wondered if they are following all the norms and rules, Right? Massage salons or spas are a common thing across the world. However, only some offer a genuine massage experience, while others are there just to be a part of the money-minting industry. In this article, we shall take you through the most common mistakes massage therapists make, and if you are planning to become a trained therapist, make sure you steer clear of these slip-ups:

1. Not Being Professional

If you neglect to return calls and texts like a routine, patients will begin to look somewhere else. Try not to miss and return all calls and texts before you leave for the day. Patients won’t seek after you. If you have any desire to be dealt with like an expert, you really want to behave like a responsible professional.

2. Interfering with Your Treatment

Assuming that you have a habit of interrupting the treatment, you are bound to lose the business you as of now have. This is an indication that your time and business means a lot to you than the patient lying on your table. If you don’t have a secretary, simply wait for the patient to leave instead of putting the massage on hold to attend to phone calls or respond to texts.

3. Noisy environment

If your spa is in a loud spot like a shopping mall, patients will have to bear some amount of disturbance. While not all noises are under your control, limit it however much as could reasonably be expected.

4. Cold Treatment Room

Assuming your patient is cold, they can’t unwind. It assists with having a warmed table cushion and covers; however, that may not be sufficient, as when you uncover a patient’s body part, they will feel the cold. Try and set up a comfortable room temperature and ask the patient if he/she needs some extra covering.

5. Awkward Table

Not having a head support, a help for the arms of some sort, and other extensions for a comfortable massage experience can be dangerous for your business. If your patient needs to continue to move their arms to find comfortable positions or need to tense to hold their arms on table, they can’t unwind.

You want to give a comfortable massage table to your patients to relax on. Specialists will refer to cost as a justification behind not putting resources into buying good quality massage tables, but rather it will set you back more in lost business. It is probably the best investment in your business that you can make.

Gear/Office in poor condition

Sheets and towels that are torn and stained, gear that doesn’t work, and a smelly or dirty office can equally harm your business. Supplant worn and stained gear, and keep your office clean.

Avoid these common mistakes and witness how your business grows.



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