Spa Tables: Costs, Types, And Importance

Are you planning to set up a spa business? Or are you looking to replace your decade old spa gear and furniture? No matter what your purpose is, buying the legitimate spa furniture and gear is a crucial aspect here. It is likewise an extremely important one – spas offer a wide range of services and spa wellness tables are a basic requirement for all kinds of therapies. In this article, we shall learn about various kinds of spa tables, their costs, and services for which they are essential.

Treatment tables

They are essentially a need in any spa. Nonetheless, there are a wide range of sorts of spa treatment tables and their needs (as well as expense!) differ based upon their functionalities. Essentially, you can buy:

Universal tables – completely or to some degree electric, with scope for adjustment basis on the height of the patients.

Massage tables – these are normally flat-top ones and they are the most common massage tables bought for spa and home use.

Clinical tables – ideal for massage therapies that require expert level accuracy.

Wet tables – intended to be used for specific kinds of water therapies.

Speciality tables – designed particularly for specific services, like Ayurvedic treatment such as shirodhara.

Which services would they say they are essential for?

Tables are fundamental for most spa and wellness services. A few general, customizable ones can go about as seats, making them wonderful not just for restorative therapies, like facials or injectables, yet in addition for pedicures. Flat tops are totally awesome for massage services, while wet tables are central for hydrotherapy, body wraps, and other clinical water-therapies. At last, if \ you spend significant time in specialist therapies requiring specific hardware, (for example, Ayurvedic treatment or Shirodhara), you’ll require an appropriate table too.

What amount do they cost?

The cost range of spa wellness tables changes broadly and relies upon the sort and nature of the table being referred to. The least expensive tables, generally versatile, begin at around INR 10,000. However, depending upon the functionalities, the cost can be multiple times higher than the basic amount given here.

Great quality general tables start at around INR 50,000 and can go up to a couple of lakhs, while sturdy clinical aesthetic tables will cost you even more. Partly electric tables are normally more affordable than completely electric ones. The key here is to know your therapy needs and pick a table that is most suitable for you to offer a comfortable massage experience to your patients.

It is wise to explore the range of massage and spa tables available in local stores and online to settle on a well-informed choice.



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